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Open-Handed Playing Vol. 2: A Step Beyond

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Open Handed Playing, vol 2
Open Handed Playing, vol 2 - CD LabelOpen Handed Playing, vol 2 - Back Cover

Open-Handed Playing Vol. 2: A Step Beyond


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Product Description

A follow-up to the popular first volume, Open-Handed Playing Vol. 2: A Step Beyond, gives you a groundbreaking step-by-step approach to incorporate this cutting-edge style into your playing.

By using linear and rudimental approaches, this book allows any drummer to immediately begin to incorporate an open-handed approach into their playing— even a drummer who has always played with crossed hands. This is because the linear and rudimental patterns presented in the book will be familiar to both right-handed and left-handed players. Open-Handed Playing: A Step Beyond not only gets you to apply these approaches to avoiding crossing your hands, but provides an incredibly creative and funky set of new tools to build any drummer’s vocabulary.


  • Audio CD featuring 8 new play-along tracks.
  • Funky linear stickings and grooves.
  • Creative rudimental patterns applied to the drumset.
  • Forewords by Simon Phillips, Kenny Aronoff, and Will Kennedy.

Whether you decide to completely convert to open-handed playing, or just select certain concepts from this book, you’ll find many useful ideas for your own artistic expression in Open-Handed Playing: A Step Beyond.

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